Enjoy the beautiful sunrise

Nothing is better than watching a beautiful summer sunrise, or your children playing in the yard, or birds feasting at your feeder. Ever try capturing a picture of these things through your window? If you are like most people this is a frustrating experience. You can't edit out that dirty fog over the beautiful sun or the blurred images of playful children or the true colors on that bird.

Cleaning your windows is probably not on your weekly, or even monthly, chore list. Whether you own a business & are looking to make a great first impression on your customers or you would just like to enjoy a sunrise or watch your children playing without the fog of dirt and grime; Proshine Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing is the solution.

We will leave your windows so clean you won't even have to touch up those sunrise, kids playing or bird pictures. Customers will think highly of businesses who make an investment in their building. Not only are their aesthetic benefits to keeping your windows clean, but did you know dirty windows can reduce the lifespan of a window by 50%? The debris and minerals become part of the window and deteriorate it rapidly.

Are you hosting a graduation party or a summer cookout? Not only can we leave you with sparkly clean windows; we can also pressure wash the exterior of your house, your deck, and even bring new life to your old & stained concrete.

There's no better time to call Proshine (920-636-8165) or click here to get a custom quote on your next project. Schedule recurring appointments so you never have to worry about editing out a dirty fog or leaving a bad impression on your customers. 

Posted on Aug 17, 2014

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